Posted October 05, 2018 10:33:18 Australia’s war of the roses is heating up.

For many people, the war is over.

But for others, it is far from over.

A new “War of Roses” promotion has been announced.

It is an all-new and exclusive promotion that will only be available in Australia.

But what are the chances of winning?

A lot.

Here’s what you need to know.


The War of the Rose is a new promotion for Australia’s armed forces.

The Australian Government will be using the brand name “Armed Forces War of Roses”.

The promotion will begin on October 6, 2018 and will run for one week.


It will only take one week to enter.

All you have to do is be part of the “War on the Roses” in the ABC’s live streaming service, The ABC.

You can also take part in the promotion through social media and join in the discussion in the #ArmedEvents hashtag.


The promotion is being advertised through the ABC and on ABC Radio National, ABC TV, ABC Radio, ABC News, ABC Sport and ABC TV Hobart.

The broadcast of the promotion will be hosted by Dr Michael Leong and will be broadcast on the ABC World Service on Tuesday, October 6.

You will also be able to watch it live on the following channels: ABC Radio Hobart, ABC World News, BBC News, World News Online, ABC Sports, ABC Local Radio, and the ABC News App.


You may enter the promotion via the ABC or on the BBC’s app.

But you need an Australian passport to do so. 5.

You have until October 5 to sign up for the promotion.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t take part.

You need to have a valid email address and have a social media account in order to participate.

You also need to be a member of the Australian Armed Forces.

You don’t need to register for the “Arms of Honour” promotion.

You do need to complete the online form.


To enter, you need: an email address that can be used to register and participate in the “war of the rose” promotion (you can register at the ABC, ABC Hobart or ABC News), a social security number that can access the Australian Government’s website and sign up to the “army promotions” section of the ABC website, and a valid postal address in Australia that can receive your promotion voucher.


You must register to enter the “Army of Honour”.

You can do this either online or in person.

You should register online before October 5.

Register online: Register online by post: https://www, Register online in person: https/armys/contact-us/contact.htm Register for the Army of Honour: http/army ofhonour-voucher/847-australian-armed-forces-army-of-honour If you have not registered for the war of rose, you can still enter.

Register for it online by October 5, or in the Army Store.

Register your details for the army promotion online, or by phone.

You’ll need to show proof of your Australian ID.

If you are in a country where there is a different postal service, you may need to provide a letter or passport that you can prove you’re not in.

If your identity is verified, you will be able send your promotion code to the Army.


There are four categories of people who will be eligible to participate in this promotion.

They are: Those who have entered the “armed forces” promotion before October 6 (which will not be eligible if they already have the “soldier” promotion), those who have not entered the war on the roses promotion, and those who will join the Australian Defence Force by the end of October.

These are the same categories of participants who have been entered into the “Soldier” and “soldiers” promotions before the promotion was launched.


The Army of Honours promotion is open to everyone who is in the armed forces, whether they are currently in the service or not.


If people are already in the army or not currently in a service, they will be entered into a “soldy promotion” by the beginning of October 2018.

But those who are already part of a service will not enter into this promotion, as they are in the regular military.

Those who are currently members of the service are not eligible to enter this promotion as they have already been in the military.


For those people who are not in the active service, but have been in it for a certain period of time, they are not being entered into this “soldie promotion”.

Those who were