Boxing promoter Brian Shaw says he has the odds on the main event of the Battle Of The Sexes – a bout between former heavyweight champion Antonio Tarver and former welterweight champion Kell Brook – coming down to the last two minutes.

It is a fight for the vacant WBA world title against former weltersweight champion Jake Donovan and former middleweight champion Jessie Vargas.

Shaw says the fight will be the most exciting and entertaining fight of the summer, which is coming up on the heels of the Mayweather vs McGregor fight in Las Vegas.

“The Fight Of The Summer is going to be epic,” he told BBC Sport.

“Kell Brook and Antonio Tarvers are the two titans who can both stand on their own and fight to win the world title.”

They will be fighting on two fronts: Kell Brook and Kell Brook will be facing Kell Brook at 154 pounds, while Antonio Tarvvers will be in the welterweights category, and Kell will have to fight on the back foot.

“It’s going to have to be an absolute game of cat and mouse with both fighters.”

Shaw also says it is going in the other direction in the ring, with former world champion Mike Tyson fighting Tyson Jr in a rematch.

“There is a chance for Tyson to go all in, Tyson Jr is a great fighter and he’s going up against one of the best weltermen in the world,” he said.

“And Mike Tyson Jr has fought against a lot of great opponents.”

I think Tyson Jr will have a great chance of getting through the first two rounds, and if he’s able to keep his composure he will have enough time to get through the third round.

“Then the fight is up to Jake Donovan.”

I’m not sure if he’ll come out and go for the knockout or not, but he’s a guy who is definitely going to put his all in.

Jake Donovan vs Kell Brook.

Source: Sky Sports.

Shrew has been backing the fight since it was announced, with the Briton having been widely tipped to take the fight by promoter Eddie Hearn.

“When you have someone like Antonio Tarvin, who is a big puncher and can kick people out of the ring at any moment, who’s got the ability to kick and punch like Tyson does, you have to believe in the fight,” Shaw said.

Shaws says he believes he can put together a winning performance against a dangerous opponent.

“He’s going into this with the belief that he’s the best puncher in the game,” Shaw told BBC Radio 5 live.

“So if you go into this fight with the mentality that you can fight like Tyson, he’s not going to come out swinging and throwing all the time.”

But you have a chance to win with the punches and kicks, so I’m going to go for it.

“What do you think?

Should a rematch between Tyson and Tarver be the next fight?