In this post, I’m going to discuss how to create a promotional code that will be displayed at the top of your website.

It’s really important that your code has the right keywords and the right format so that it’s easy for customers to find.

So here’s what you need to do: 1.

Create a Promotional Code 1 .

Create a promo code that looks like this: promo Here, I’ve added the domain name for my website, so the code will be visible in the search results.2.

Make it clear that your promo code will only work for the products you sell on the website. 


Create an Email Outlet in your email list. 


Create the Promotional Codes Page on your website (this is where you can share the code with your email subscribers). 


Fill out the form at the bottom of your page that says “Get PromotionalCode” and then click the Submit button. 


Make sure you have the correct information.

You need to enter the promo code at the end of the line, or you’ll get an error message. 


You’ll get a link that you can click to confirm your code is valid. 


You should get an email from the website informing you that your coupon code has been added to your website and that you’ll be able to redeem the code on the site in the coming hours. 


The email will tell you to enter your promocode at the checkout page. 


Once you have your code in your inbox, click the link in the email. 


Click the “Edit” button to enter it. 10.

You can now use the code in the promo page to redeem it.

You will get a confirmation email from Menards. 


If you have an existing coupon code in a Menards ad, you can still use that to redeem your code. 


Here are the details of how to use the promo codes: 6 .

Use the promocode link to activate your promotional code.

When you are ready to redeem, just click the “Submit” button.

If the code is not valid, a “code expires” message will appear in the upper-right corner of your screen. 

 7 .

Once you click “Submit”, your promo codes page will appear. 

If you do not see the “Code expires” link, try refreshing your browser. 

In addition to the code, you’ll also receive an email, which tells you if your code was successfully activated and whether you can redeem the promo. 

I hope this helped.