On Tuesday, a few days after the chain announced its intention to go public, it pulled the promotion.

It said it was changing the way it promoted its burgers in order to better serve people who might not want to eat at a McDonalds location.

It’s been a controversial move, especially given that Dunkin donut chains are growing in popularity and their profits are increasing.

It was also one of the first companies to start advertising the fact that it’s a burger joint and not just a restaurant.

That didn’t sit well with some people, though.

McDonalds didn’t have a choice in the matter, as the company had to make a decision about what kind of marketing to use.

If it was going to use a brand it already has, it should be good enough for the people who are already going to be coming.

The chain announced the new marketing plan, which includes a different tagline and branding.

Instead of promoting Dunkin, the new tagline will promote its other businesses, which include: A new line of Dunkin-branded sandwiches.

A new burger line.

A brand of soda called Dunkin Soda.

And a new breakfast menu that includes a whole-grain breakfast sandwich and a quinoa-flavored breakfast bowl.

McDonald’s said the tagline change was made to address the growing popularity of Dunkins burgers.

In its press release, McDonald’s added that its marketing strategy will include an “end-to-end” testing process that it will do over the next few months to see how well Dunkins marketing will translate to the consumers.

McDonald did not say when the change would take place.

Some Dunkin supporters are also calling for the company to use the same marketing strategy as other major chains, such as Wendy’s.

“We’re seeing that people are coming to restaurants to eat.

They’re coming to the stores for a reason.

They want to have a meal.

They don’t want to spend hours in line,” said Kevin Kwon, president of McDonald’s franchise group in the US.

The Dunkin promotions have been widely criticized, especially for the use of the word “donut” and for its inclusion of a line of other popular food items like eggs, bacon, and bacon-wrapped chicken.

The company has also been criticized for not using the word Dunkin for some of its other food products, such hot dogs, and its chicken McNuggets.

“Dunkin’s marketing has become an embarrassment to McDonald’s.

We have to look at this differently,” said Mark Weisbrot, an attorney who represents restaurants and franchisees.

In February, McDonalds started using the term “DuckDuckGo” instead of “Dungeon” to refer to its online shopping app, and it has also added a line that reads, “We serve all our customers, no matter where they are.”

The company said it had more than 2,500 restaurants in more than 170 countries, and said it planned to open more than 400 stores worldwide.

“The Dunkin promotion is the wrong direction,” said Michael S. Cohen, an analyst with the investment firm Sanford C. Bernstein.

“You don’t need a big billboard on the side of a freeway to say that Dunkins is the place to go for all of your fast food needs.”