There’s a lot to learn about listening to music in iOS 8, so we thought we’d dive into the nitty gritty of how to use iTunes Music.

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If that’s not enough, we’ve got the full guide on how to make your iPhone a complete music hub in this week’s episode.

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If you’ve already got an iPhone, you can now add music to it through iTunes, too.

If not, iTunes offers the ability to sync your music library across devices.

But if you’ve never used iTunes Music, you’re in luck!

In this week, we’ll cover: What’s the difference between “New” and “Old” Music on iTunes?

When you add a song to iTunes Music on an iPhone or iPad, it will appear as a “New Song” on the iPhone or iPod’s iTunes Music app.

You can choose to play the song on your iPhone or your iPod Touch to start, pause, skip, rewind, and rewind again.

The iPhone’s new music library will automatically sync across your devices.

Why does iTunes need to know your name and email address?

This is a bit of a confusing issue, so let’s break it down a bit.

The iTunes Music API allows you to add and play tracks to an iPhone’s music library, but Apple doesn’t need your iTunes Account ID or email address when you do so.

If your device has an iTunes Music Library, it’ll display your tracks and albums as you’d expect it to.

In other words, iTunes Music will show up in the iPhone’s Music app, which is exactly what it’s supposed to do.

If Apple wants to be able to play music from your music device on your computer, iOS 8 needs to be more specific about the permissions it needs to access your music.

How to add your iTunes Music account information to your device?

In iOS 8.0, Apple introduced a new way for you to make music accessible to your iTunes Library: iTunes Music allows you track your songs and albums, so you can sync them to your music on an iPod touch or iPhone.

To add your Music account details to your iOS device, open the Settings app.

If the device is locked, you’ll need to tap on the Lock Screen icon, which will take you to the Music tab.

On the Music section, tap on Add Music to add a Music account and authorize your iTunes account.

If it doesn’t work, you might need to make a new device and set up a new iTunes account, which you can do in the Music app on your device.

In iOS 9, Apple also introduced the ability for you, your friends, and family to share and play music in your Library.

To do this, you need to enable the Shared Music feature in the Settings menu.

You should now be able access the Music screen, where you’ll see a new Music tab that has a section for adding your Music accounts.

Under Shared Music, tap the “Add Music” button.

From here, you should be able create a new account and then select your account details.

Now you’ll be able add a new playlist to your Music Library.

When you do, iTunes will automatically add a playlist for that song and album.

This is exactly how it should work, right?

The only issue is that it’s very confusing.

How can I delete songs from my iTunes Music library?

You can delete songs in your iTunes library from your iPhone and iPad by tapping on the Delete button.

If this doesn’t get you any closer to finding the song you’re after, check your iTunes history.

If iTunes doesn’t have a way to delete songs on your iOS devices, there are a couple of ways to access them.

The first is through the Settings panel.

To go to the Settings tab, tap Menu > General > Search.

You’ll see all of your available search terms in a dropdown menu.

If one of those terms isn’t there, try going to the top of the menu, and you’ll find it.

The other option is through Spotlight.

To find a song you’ve recently searched for on the iOS App Store, tap Spotlight.

You may also need to go to Settings > General and then tap the Search icon to open up Spotlight.

How do I add new songs to my music library?

To add a specific song to your library, open your iTunes app and go to Library > Add Albums.

Under the Albums section, scroll to the bottom and tap the Add Album button.

Tap the first dropdown that appears, and then click the Add button.

At the bottom of the screen, select the type of album that you want to add to your Library, and the name of the song that you’d like to play it on.

The “Name” and the “Artist” options are optional