When you want to show your support for your favorite Golden Boy promotions, it’s hard not to go for the most extreme version of the poster. 

If that means having your favorite singer perform on the poster, you might be onto something. 

It turns out that there are some Golden Boy posters that have some pretty extreme imagery that will make any fan of the band, or the band’s entire catalog, feel like they’re in the presence of a cult leader. 

A poster for The Golden Boys  was recently spotted on Twitter by the music-related account @mexicamoon, which tweeted out the image. 

They have a super catchy song that is so good and it’s a good poster.” “

It’s a perfect tribute to the band.

They have a super catchy song that is so good and it’s a good poster.” 

The poster is an old-school “Golden Boy” poster that featured the band on the cover of the 1977 album A Night To Remember. 

The Golden Boy logo was also featured on the album cover, and the band has also been featured in numerous promotional posters, including the cover to their 1975 album The Road is Full of Rain. 

According to the caption of the photo, the poster features the Golden Boy frontman in a black and white striped dress and a golden band around his neck, with the words, “Golden boy, golden boy.” 

According the caption, the band will perform on a promotional poster featuring their most recent album, The Road is Free, as well as a poster that features them playing the cover for their 2005 album, The Road Is Full of Gold. 

(If you’re wondering how this poster could possibly have such extreme imagery, we’re here to tell you, it all started with the band.) 

A Golden Boy poster can be found on a poster for Golden Boy entitled “Golden Girl” that was previously spotted by @mexicanamoon.

The poster is captioned, “The Golden Girl from the movie, The Golden Boy, appears in the poster as a black girl with a golden ring around her neck.

The poster features a golden girl wearing a white dress and white sneakers.

She looks to be a very happy girl.” 

A Golden Girl poster was also spotted on Instagram by the user @kittymohammed, and it features a Golden girl wearing an all-black and gold outfit.

The caption of that image reads, “A golden girl appears in a picture on the wall of the room with a big golden apple in her hand.” 

Golden Girls have also appeared in another Golden Boys poster that was spotted on @kittymariam and @lara_kurtis.

The post has a caption that reads, “A Golden Girl is seen in a photo on the door of the Golden Girl room with her hair and her ears in a ponytail.

She is wearing a red dress with a white stripe across the back and the letters A.” 

@lara__kurtias tweeted the poster captioned “It appears in one of the posters of The Goldies” that is posted on Instagram and Instagram.

The image features a Goldie wearing a black jacket, a white shirt, and a white bow tie.

The photo caption reads,  “The girl in the photo is in a pink dress with the letter ‘A’ on the chest.” 

(Read: A Golden Girl, a Golden Song, and more on the history of the group.) 

The image is also captioned with a note that reads: “The Golden Boy is a member of the popular group The Golden Girls.” 

Another poster featuring a Golden boy has been spotted on an Instagram account named @thegoldengirl.

The posting is captioning,  “An A Golden Boy with a purple and gold band around her waist, with a yellow star above her head, A” and a caption on it reads, “#goldengold.” 

That poster features Golden boys from The New York Dolls, The Eagles, and The Black Keys. 

There is no mention of the Golden boy in the post itself, but the caption reads: “This is the Golden boy in this photo from The Dolls album, No More Tears. 

He is wearing black and gold shoes and a pink hat. 

His eyes are closed and he has a large smile on his face.” 

In other news, #goldenboy was trending on Twitter in Germany on Tuesday morning. 

@werkkaufler, a German blogger who writes for the popular blog Werkkarte, tweeted that he had received a message from #GoldenBoy. He wrote