You might not be surprised to hear that grandma likes to eat cheesecake, which is exactly what she does on her Facebook page.

But, it turns out grandma likes it on her phone too, and the company has been working on a way to make her smile on her Instagram page.

Verizon Wireless, the world’s largest wireless carrier, announced that it is rolling out a new feature for grandma that will make her happy.

The new feature is called grandma smile and will be available to grandma through Verizon’s new Instagram account.

The new feature will let grandma post pictures of her smiling, and when grandma posts a picture of her laughing, grandma will see a new notification that says, “Verizon has a promotion on grandma.”

That’s when grandma will be able to reply, “Thanks for being awesome, Verizon!” to the picture that her grandparents sent her.

That’s all grandma needs to see the notification, and it’s something grandma can do on her own.

Verizons Instagram account has a bunch of other perks as well, including a section that lets grandma make new friends on the site, as well as a new “Friends” section that allows grandma to tag and comment on her friends, and even create new ones.

Verity’s Facebook page is currently a little over half-filled with grandma memes.

We’re hoping this new feature makes grandma smile more often, but, for now, it’s still just a Facebook feature.