More than 20 million people are expected to watch India’s first Test series against Australia in 2019 in the Capital.

The first match will take place in Mumbai, but there is a growing number of cities across India where cricket fans will be able to tune in and watch live from the ground.

Here are some ways to keep your cricket promotions going.

The first Test match to be played in Mumbai is expected to be on April 29, 2019.

There will be an exhibition match on April 30, 2019 and the second Test match on May 6, 2019, the organisers of the event have announced.

The next Test match is scheduled to be held in Ahmedabad on June 13, 2019 which will be followed by the final Test match in New Delhi on June 16, 2019 with the final fixture being held in Ranchi on June 18, 2019 at the same venue.

The last match will be played at the Nagpur stadium on July 13, 2021, after which the venue will be turned into a cricket venue.

Here are some ideas on how to make it happen.1.

Set up a Cricket Marketing Strategy 2.

Set a schedule of events for your events 3.

Make sure your promotional events are running well and are attracting customers 4.

Ensure you have your promotional materials ready to go5.

Follow up with your marketing team to ensure you are delivering on your promises to customers.6.

Make the most of the time you spend at the stadium7.

Ensure your marketing strategy is aligned with your promotional strategy8.

Ensure that your promotional team is engaged with local community stakeholders9.

Ensure there are adequate facilities in your venue10.

Make your promotional videos available on social media11.

Make promotional videos and posters available for sale in local markets12.

Have your promotional posters and videos available to the public13.

Ensure promotional events and displays are running on time14.

Ensure the time allotted for your promotional event is aligned to the schedule of your promotional activities15.

Make an effort to maintain good relations with local stakeholders16.

Ensure promotions and matches are held in the right venue17.

Make a concerted effort to improve your social media presence18.

Be proactive in using social media19.

Make yourself available for social media interactions20.

Promote your local community19.

Promoting cricket is fun and it is an important part of the day to day activities of people in India20.

Don’t forget to take time to look after your health and wellness21.

Take the time to ensure your house is well maintained and clean22.

Use the time your promotional opportunities provide to promote cricket23.

Take part in social events to promote your sport24.

Donate your time to a cause25.

Organise your community event26.

Be positive and confident in yourself27.

Be a good representative of your community28.

Organize activities in the areas of health and well being and sports30.

Support your local business31.

Promotional events are fun and they are an important way to support your business32.

Get involved in your local sports community33.

Organises community events, sporting events, festivals and sporting competitions34.

Promotes cricket, and all forms of sport in your area35.

Keep your community engaged36.

Promotions are fun to watch and are a great way to promote sporting events37.

Celebrate the achievements of your cricket team38.

Promoters are always in the know about the cricket calendar39.

Celebrating the success of your team40.

Organising activities to benefit your local society41.

Organisations are always looking to improve their marketing strategies42.

Keep an eye on your promotions43.

Organizing activities for the development of your local area44.

Keep in touch with your business contacts and the community45.

Keep a close eye on the promotions of your favourite players46.

Promotion of your event is always a success47.

Organisational teams are always working on marketing and social media campaigns48.

Don your t-shirt and join the cricket community49.

Don a cricket t-shirts and get involved in cricket 50.

Join a cricket team51.

Make cricket an integral part of your lifestyle52.

Promot your sport and community53.

Don the Indian Cricket T-Shirt54.

Become involved with cricket for social and sporting purposes55.

Organised your community activities56.

Organized your social events57.

Donated your time for cricket and sports and cricket in general58.

Donating your time and time spent in the cricket world59.

Celebrated your cricket heroes60.

Organiser a cricket game or a tournament61.

Organist a charity event62.

Organism a cricket charity event63.

Organisers a cricket tournament64.

Organizes a cricket exhibition in your community65.

Organizer a cricket event for a local community66.

Organizate a cricket auction in your city67.

Organization a cricket golf tournament68.

Organizers a cricket competition69.

Organisation a cricket cricket game in your locality70.

Organizaion a cricket festival