A new Google Calendar extension for Android that lets you set up the Samsung Calendar app in your own language is available in India and is available for download for free.

The extension is called Siriusx, and it’s essentially a Google Calendar App for Android.

It uses the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) framework and is built around the Google calendar service.

This means it’s not available on every device in the world, but it works on the following devices:• Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6, Note Edge, and S6 Edge Plus (note: the Note 5 version is not yet available in Google Play).• Samsung Note 3, Note 3 Mini, Note 4, Note5, and Note5 Plus.

This extension will open a new Google Docs spreadsheet in your default Google Account, and you can add a new event or add a calendar to a schedule.

The Google Calendar service is available on most of the major mobile operating systems, including the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone, but the service is not available in every language.

The extensions work in the following languages:• Hindi (Bengali, Tamil, Telugu)• Urdu (Urdu, Punjabi, Nepali)• Chinese (Simplified, Traditional)• Arabic (Nomadic, Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian)The extension adds an event and a calendar icon to your Google Calendar, and displays them in a pop-up window when you launch the extension.

If you want to make changes to the calendar in a text editor, you can choose “Show calendar in text editor.”

You can download the extension from the Google Play Store.

If the extension doesn’t work on your device, you’ll need to open the Google Doc with the extensions option enabled.

You can also use the extension in Chrome or Firefox, and if you have the Google Chrome extension, you need to click on “Add extension to chrome” and add the Siriusxt extension.

You can use the Google Firefox extension if you don’t have the Chrome extension installed.

If you want more details about how to use the extensions, you should refer to the instructions for installing the extension at Google’s Developer blog.

The Google Calendar is available to both Samsung users in India as well as to people from outside the country.