When Sam’s Club introduced a student discount, it didn’t immediately make a ton of sense.

For starters, the discounts were only available to Apple users in the US, and they didn’t include other companies.

Sam’s club also charged customers for the privilege of shopping with them, which is kind of a weird thing to do for an online retailer.

Instead, the company introduced an ad campaign featuring a group of kids and their parents playing video games.

The kids and parents were asked to buy a game that was free to everyone.

When a user purchased the game, he or she received a voucher that they could redeem for a Sam’sClub discount.

That’s right, the kids would have to purchase the game to receive the discount.

The promotion also made the sale to an Apple student card an option, so there was no downside to making the deal.

But then something happened that really pissed off a lot of students.

Sams Club announced that it would start charging fees to users who purchased Apple products.

That meant that the students wouldn’t be able to use the app to browse the store, or use the service to shop for products, even if they were willing to pay a fee to sign up.

And Sams club’s promotion was clearly designed to make sure that students were willing, but they weren’t.

Sam said that it was trying to keep fees low for students, and that it did it by limiting access to the app.

Students who wanted to browse through the app could only do so through their Apple account, and the company had to make it clear that all purchases were final.

It was basically telling them to buy something.

But as Ars reported, Sam’s manager of business development and communications, David Tully, told Ars that the company was trying “to make sure students were as happy as possible with the offer.”

Sam’s clubs customer service department, meanwhile, told us that they weren.

Sam did not respond to a request for comment.

The company also said that there would be a “short period of time” in which users who had already paid the fee would be able use the store to shop.

This would mean that students would be forced to wait until their Apple IDs expired to buy the products, which seemed pretty unlikely given that Sams clubs offer was for a limited time.

That was until October, when the company announced a new promotion that was similar to the previous one, but with some significant changes.

In addition to limiting students’ ability to buy products from the app, Sams introduced a new system for student discounts.

Instead of letting customers browse the site, the app would ask for a customer ID and allow users to log in with that.

The service would then offer the student a discount, with a $10 minimum purchase.

This discount was then applied to the student’s full Apple ID.

If the student didn’t spend any money within 30 days, Sam would refund that amount, with the $10 refunded if the student had purchased the product before.

Sam also said it was working on a student loyalty program.

That would be similar to a loyalty card program, but instead of offering a discount to students who had paid their Apple ID, Sam was now offering to match the student with another student.

For example, if a student bought an iPad and then used the app in class, they could receive a voucher for free.

Students could then sign up for an Apple Student Card with a SamsClub code and use that card to shop with the other student.

If Sams did this, it would make the offer more enticing to students, because they would have access to an app that was much more convenient.

Sam explained that the changes to its student discounts weren’t just for students; it was for all of its customers, which meant that it had to deal with a whole bunch of other problems.

The problem is that if you’re a student, you’ve got a huge choice of things to buy, and Sams can’t make that choice.

They can’t offer you discounts because you don’t have the right kind of ID.

They’re not going to offer you coupons.

The student is always going to have to pay more, and it’s not going be fair to them.

The fact that they’ve just started offering a service like this is just a big red flag for us.

It’s just really sad that you have a company that’s trying to make money and a service that’s not helping people get what they want.

I’m not even going to go into the reasons why I think Sams should have stopped charging the fee to students.

You can read more about it here.

Sam has since removed the student discounts from its website, but some students have been left disappointed.

They were told that the new Sam’s discount had been implemented and was still available for their student IDs.

And, while Sams has made some concessions to the students, they’re not the only ones.

As Ars reported in March,