Apple has rolled out a new feature that lets you set up a new promotion for the latest Apple Watch Series 4 and 5, which starts on July 15.

The new Apple Watch Promotions feature will show up in the app for the Apple Watch and in the watch face, and you can also use it to offer free gifts to those who already own the device.

To set up the promotion, just swipe right from the bottom of the watch’s screen and tap on the Apple Promotions icon.

The promotion will be shown on the watch, and it can be triggered by just about anything, including notifications or new notifications.

If you already own a Series 4 or 5 Apple Watch, you can just tap on “Buy it now” and select “New Apple Watch.”

You can then start your promotion right away and see your purchase details as they appear.

To find the Apple watch you want to offer the promotion on, tap on its name in the upper right-hand corner of the Apple promo screen.

To choose an Apple Watch that you don’t already own, tap the “Don’t have an Apple watch?” icon.

You can even use this to offer a discount on your next Apple Watch purchase if you already have one.

You’ll also be able to see which Apple Watch models have already been purchased, as well as a list of all the watch faces you own.

The Apple Watch Promotion is only available for purchases made using the Apple Pay service, which means it won’t be available to use on iPhones.

To see how you can use this feature, check out the video below.