Live streaming Lyft’s 2018 promotion code will debut on the social media platform on Monday, November 10.

The Lyft Promo Code, which was released in the month of November, is designed to help consumers “reduce the cost of a journey and give them greater flexibility” to choose from “the best and most efficient Lyft journeys on offer”.

Lyft is a US-based ride-sharing company, and the company has a number of “promotional offers” which range from “up to $100 off a first day of booking”, to “up-to $500 off a trip for the first month”.

Lyfts website offers customers a wide range of “reduced price” offers and offers to “buy a car and drive for free” which include: “up 15% off first car booking on the Lyft app for 24 hours” and “up 30% off on a first booking with any new driver on the network”.

LyFT also offers “promotion bonuses” which, if the promotional offer is selected, include “up 20% off a purchase”, “up 50% off any Lyft ticket for the next 24 hours”, and “redeem $10 off of a $300 deposit on a car or bike”.

Promotion code Lyft, which is a code that’s used by many ride-hailing apps, will be available for “upwards of 50 million rides and rideshare accounts” at 1am (AEST) on Monday.

Lyft did not provide a specific timeframe for when the promotional code would be available, but the company said that it would be rolling out the promotion code in “the coming weeks”.

Lyfer, the ride-share app that Lyft has been competing with, has been working with the Lyfts promotional code for some time.

Lyfer CEO Josh Newman said in a statement:Lyft has recently introduced a number new offers and is always looking for ways to increase the value of the Lyf service.

This year, we’ve launched our first Lyft promotion, and it’s just the beginning.

We’re also excited to offer a $1 off car purchase for the same 24 hours, a $100 discount on any first Lyf ticket, and a $5 off of any first ride on the app.

Lyf has previously launched its promotional code to give customers the chance to get a free car, but that has not been a popular offer.

Lyfts promotion code also did not offer any information on how to redeem the code.

LyFresno, the state’s ride-hire agency, also did the same thing with its promotional codes, announcing that it had introduced its “first ever ride-sharing promotion code”, which was limited to the LyFT promotion code.

The offer included a $10 discount on a Lyft car purchase.

LyFT had previously announced that it was introducing its new promotional code “Lyft Promotional Code”, which would be valid for “first day of any new rides”, “monthly subscriptions for a first month”, and an “up 12% off ride purchase”.

LyFriso did not comment on when the promotion codes would be offered, or whether or not they would be limited to specific rides.

Lyndabox, the Australian ride-booking company that Lyft is competing with for the promotion, did not respond to a request for comment.

Lyfft, the US ride-shared app, has also previously announced a promotional code which will be valid until October 1.

Lyfs promotional code, which can be purchased at any Lyfts location, is “the first to have a unique promotion code that can be redeemed for cash, and is valid for a limited time”.

Lyfftn, the company that operates Lyft’s network in Australia, did the exact same thing last year, announcing a promotional codes which can also be redeemed as cash, but which are only valid for an initial 24 hours.

Lyves promotional code can also only be used once.

Lyttel, the parent company of Lyft and Lyft Plus, has previously announced its promotional offers.

Lyts promotional code will also be available to the general public on November 1.