By the end of this year, McDonald’s will have lost $1.2 billion in the same time frame.

It will have to find some new revenue streams to stay afloat.

A year ago, McDonalds said it had made $1 billion in annual profit.

It said it expects to have another $1-billion or more to report for the fiscal year that begins next month.

While McDonald’s may be making good money, the company’s executives say it has to make a tough decision.

“Our focus is not on the future, but on how to deliver on our core business,” said McDonald’s chief executive, John Schnatter, who is in his sixth year at the helm.

“And we need to make sure that we’re doing the right thing for our business.”

In recent years, McDonald has struggled with a poor profit performance and has been forced to cut costs, such as eliminating a few locations and hiring thousands of workers.

The company’s chief financial officer, Joe DeCesare, says the company is on track to have $1 trillion in annual revenue by 2019.

But he says the $2- billion figure is not an accurate measure of what the company has lost over the past six years.

McDonald’s revenue has dropped by more than $10 billion since 2011.

The reason is largely the cost of maintaining the business.

The average McDonald’s employee, for instance, is paid about $8.20 an hour.

The cost of a new McDonald’s menu has been rising, and many employees are moving on.

The number of locations in Canada has also fallen, as has the number of employees who are part of the franchise network.

“We have to be smart,” Mr. DeCescare said.

“The business is changing.

Our customers are moving to other locations.

The growth is coming from more restaurants, more locations, and that is what we need in order to deliver that revenue.”

McDonald’s was founded in 1916 and is one of the oldest fast-food chains in the world.

Its main competitors are fast-casual chains like McDonald’s and Chipotle.

Both of those chains have had mixed success, but the company says it has a better-than-average track record.

McDonalds has about 1,000 restaurants in Canada.