Health promotion is a system that encourages people to get some physical activity.

That’s where a new survey found that the scheme works, with over 60 per cent of people participating in it in England and Wales.

The survey of 2,000 people was conducted by the research company IHS Markit.

The report found that over 60 percent of people are participating in health promotion.

It’s the same for the National Health Service (NHS), which is doing a similar scheme but with more rigorous rules.

It also found that people were participating in the scheme more often than they did in the past.

Health promotion was also associated with lower levels of depression and higher levels of life satisfaction.

But there was a drop in levels of happiness.

The study, from the University of Essex, found that if people had taken part in health promotions before, they were more likely to have a positive mood at the time.

But if they hadn’t taken part, they would have experienced a decrease in life satisfaction and had higher levels.

The researchers also found there was no difference in happiness between those who took part in the health promotion scheme and those who didn’t.

The report found no difference between the health promotions scheme participants and those that didn’t take part.

The NHS is trying to reduce the number of people who get ill from unhealthy foods, such as sugary drinks, alcohol and cigarettes.

It’s also encouraging people to take part in it by making them aware of the benefits and giving them the chance to get out of it if they want to.

The NHS also wants to encourage people to be active and healthy, which means it has strict rules on what people can and can’t do in the exercise room, in the gym or in the garden.

Dr Joanna Goulson, chief executive of IHS, said: “The results of this new survey show that health promotion is working for many people.

It is a way for people to stay active and have a good quality of life.”

The survey also shows that people are using it as a way to promote healthy living, with a positive outlook, more activity and improved health.

“People are using this scheme to encourage healthier lifestyles, so it’s vital that people get the benefits they are looking for.”