Spotify has been quietly rolling out new features and new features-only to be shared publicly for the first time, and it now has the potential to expand its offerings even further.

The company said it is rolling out a number of new features to its subscribers this month, with the biggest of these being a redesigned playlist interface that will let users stream music directly from their accounts and the ability to play Spotify offline, as well as a new “playlists” page.

Those are just a handful of the many new features that will be rolling out for the month of February, with Spotify adding features to the app for people with disabilities and for those with high blood pressure.

It’s unclear when exactly the new features will arrive, or how many are planned to come in, but the company has been working on some of them for months, so the updates should be hitting soon.

While Spotify has not yet released exact pricing details for the new feature, the company said in a statement that “most” of the new functionality will be free.

The new playlist interface has already been a big hit with Spotify subscribers, with many users reporting that they have found it to be a great way to stream music.

The new feature has also been embraced by Spotify’s own developers, who have made some impressive apps that make it easier to navigate the app.