4K displays, a virtual reality headset, and a $15,000 iPhone 7 were all mentioned by Recode sources in the week’s top stories.

Apple’s big announcement has been the new Apple Watch, which is expected to come to the US this fall.

The Verge’s report about Apple’s Watch 1.5Ghz processor was also referenced by Recodes sources in a piece about the device’s launch.

Amazon introduced a new video streaming app called Alexa that will be a big hit with Amazon Prime customers.

The company also said it was planning a $5.99 monthly subscription for Prime subscribers, and it has announced a new Echo speaker, which will come in the next few months.

Microsoft unveiled a new Surface tablet, the Surface Book, which looks like a big improvement over the Surface Pro 4, and is expected for the US later this year.

Microsoft’s announcement about its Cortana voice assistant also made it to Recode, which also reported on its new Surface Pro 7, a big step up from its Surface Pro 3, which was launched earlier this year, and which is Microsoft’s first tablet to come with a keyboard.

Amazon’s $7 per month Prime video subscription is also mentioned by both sources.

Apple is also expected to launch the iPhone 7 in the US in October, and Microsoft will announce its own version of its Surface tablet sometime later in the year.

Google is also preparing for a new version of Android in September, according to Recodes, and its Android 7.0 Nougat is also being teased by Recoding.

Google has been working on a new voice assistant, Google Now, which may not be ready for public release until late this year at the earliest.