The starbucks offer is a big draw for Irish coffee drinkers, with consumers taking home $7.15 on every cup of coffee sold in Ireland since it went live last week.

The offer has been so popular in recent days that Starbucks Ireland is now planning to open more locations across the country, and is also offering a special offer for Irish customers who make their purchases at Starbucks stores across the globe.

Irish coffee lovers who have already bought their coffee in the US, Germany, Brazil and China will now get $7 on their purchases.

In a bid to get people in Ireland to try the coffee, Starbucks Ireland has offered to give away free samples of its beans.

“Starbucks Coffee is one of our most popular coffee brands in Ireland, with over 2.2 million coffees sold in our stores across Ireland,” a Starbucks spokesperson said.

“This year, we’re also introducing a brand new Starbucks promotion that will be available to customers from all over the world, as part of our push to help Ireland and Ireland-based coffee drinkers get the most out of their coffee.”

In Ireland, the offer is available in a number of different categories, such as coffee, cappuccino, iced, tea and chocolate.

On the menu, customers will also be able to order from a range of other Starbucks brands including Starbucks Colombia, Starbucks Argentina, Starbucks Coffee Ireland, Starbucks Canada and Starbucks Australia.

Starbuck Ireland also offers other benefits such as a free online coffee card to customers, and a free cup of Starboons coffee for every purchase.

However, for customers who have not bought their coffees in Ireland yet, the new deal will cost them only $2.99 on their first purchase.