By David BoweringBy David BowersRead moreDavid BowersUK’s top foreign aid workers have lost their jobs over their promotion amid claims they were underpaid and under-promoted.

The Foreign Office says it was notified last month of the departures of two foreign aid staff, who worked in three locations including London, London and Manchester.

The staff were in London and London-based centres when they were dismissed, but the Foreign Ministry said the UK Government has decided to suspend all aid support for those countries in the UK.

In the UK, the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, said last month that foreign aid organisations should not be given “the luxury of a promotion cycle” as some countries have seen in recent years.

“If foreign aid is not effectively aligned with the government’s policies, then it should not get any more aid than it needs,” he said.

The Government has said it has been “very clear” that foreign charities should be treated as government departments and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office should be the only agency responsible for helping foreign aid organizations to promote their work.

Foreign aid organisations have been under pressure to raise more money for aid programmes in recent months.

Last month the British Medical Association said that it had been told by charities it was being paid less than they were asking for, and that it was facing a £20m shortfall.

In response, the Home Office said it would look at how charities and other NGOs were “promoting” their work, and if they should receive more government support.

A Foreign Office spokesperson said: “The Government is looking at ways to increase the level of support we give to our overseas aid workers.

It is the right thing to do and we will look at this further.”

A Foreign Secretary spokesperson said there was no evidence that the foreign aid work was underpaid or under-valued.