Uber’s new bank promotions have taken over the top spots on the company’s mobile platform.

The top bank promotion that Uber has used the most recently was the promotion of a free ride for an UberX UberX offers up to $500 in rewards on the first UberX ride of the year.

That’s a whopping $5,000 off the $50 UberX price of the vehicle that the promotion was aimed at.

The promotion was also the top bank promo for the company in December, according to Uber’s website.

That promotion is still available.

In January, Uber rolled out a $100 UberX promotion.

Uber now offers a $50 bonus for the first ride, and it also offers a free UberX for anyone who uses the service on the day the promotion is available.

Uber offers a “free ride” for UberX drivers when the promotion starts.

You can use UberX to drive to your destination, and then return to Uber with the $100 cash.

Uber will then give you $50 back in cash.

Uber’s promotional incentives are meant to encourage drivers to use the service and drive more often, as Uber aims to cut down on UberX traffic.

Uber’s promotional drive has paid off for the ride-sharing company.

Uber currently has more than 50,000 drivers who have logged at least one ride, according the company.

Uber also has been a leader in the battle against UberX, which is one of the companies Uber is targeting to cut costs.

Uber has said it’s going to start charging UberX fees for more trips, starting at $3 per trip in 2019.

The company is currently testing a fee system for the same service.

In December, Uber started testing a “zero-fee” UberX service that would cost $2 per trip.

Uber said that the $2 UberX fee would be paid by the company and not by drivers.

UberX is a cheaper option for some Uber drivers, who pay a higher price than their competitors.

The service would cost drivers less to drive, but they could also earn extra revenue from extra trips.

Uber also plans to start testing a $2-per-trip UberX pricing system in 2019, although that could be extended.