The mobile carrier has partnered with the brand of the year, Verde, to promote a new promo that lets customers pay for a single SIM in the Verizon store.

The offer, called “Buy 1, Get 2 Free”, will cost $10 a month for a basic plan and $20 for a plan with a 2GB or 4GB of data.

Verizon said the offer is “coming soon” to all new customers and has been added to the Verizon Store app.

The promo comes after Verizon launched its “Buy two, get one free” offer last month.

The carrier’s promotional ads have already shown up on various social media channels, including Instagram and Snapchat, with some people also sharing them with their friends.

Verus promotional ad – — Verizon PR (@VerizonPR) March 6, 2018Verus recently said that its “Unlimited” plans will start offering data discounts at the end of March.

However, some customers are saying they’re not able to use their SIMs as advertised because of a new issue in Verizon’s SIM network.

“We have noticed a new SIM issue in the network.

Verizon says it is working on a fix but many customers have reported that they are unable to get the discounted rate,” said David Ochoa, senior network engineer at the mobile network.