David Beckham is set to be the first man to kiss another man in a public performance, as he is set for a romantic dance with another woman in a commercial for the new Disney Dicks ad.

In a commercial that will air during the Super Bowl Sunday, the 49ers star will kiss the former football player in front of a crowd of nearly 400,000 people, a moment that was captured by a new video released Thursday.

The dance will begin with the 49er quarterback and his girlfriend, Taylor Lautner, and the couple will continue to dance in front a large crowd.

The couple will then kiss for the cameras, before Beckham and Lauter return to the dance floor.

Beckham and Lutner will be appearing in a Disney ad featuring the new ad.

The commercial is the latest in a series of ad campaigns aimed at increasing engagement with people and brands.

Beckers father, David, is also in the commercial, which features a group of friends at a baseball game.

The group all sit in seats near the outfield and watch Beckham, who has been in the league since 2001, walk to the dugout.