Breitbart News reports: A video posted on Instagram on Saturday shows a man and woman posing with a banner that reads, “Arbys for President”.

The video, titled “Arby’s for President,” shows the men holding signs that read “Trump: Stop The Bomb,” “Stop the war,” and “Arbigs for President.”

The banner reads, in part: “I want Arbys for president, but I’m not a Trump supporter.”

The post has been shared over 6,700 times since being uploaded on Saturday.

The video has been viewed more than 8,400 times on Instagram.

The banner on the men’s banner reads: “Arbs for president.

We’re the only way to stop the bombs.

Let’s make sure that we win.

#StopTheBomb”The post was also shared on Facebook, and has more than 11,000 shares.

The caption of the video reads: I’m proud to be an American, but don’t let that get you down.

I’m a lifelong Republican, but that doesn’t mean I support Trump.