Goat promoter Jack Pinto has made a name for himself in Australia with his cattle ranch in Victoria.

The goat promoter, who runs the popular Goat Club on the Gold Coast, said he was always a big fan of the Australian sport and had enjoyed the success of the country’s cattle industry.

“I grew up in Victoria and I grew up as a cattle fan and I loved the cattle,” he said.

“When I started doing cattle, I had a big passion for it, so when I was offered the opportunity to start doing cattle and have it in the States I was like, ‘Yes’.”

Mr Pinto said the popularity of cattle in the Gold Country meant that he had a natural connection with Australian cattle producers, who were also keen to bring their product to Australia.

“The cattle in Australia are very good, but there’s always been a little bit of competition, especially from the U.S.,” he said in an interview with the ABC.

“We’ve got to make sure the market is as good as it can be and the market needs to be as competitive as possible.”

Mr Pintos success in cattle farming has also earned him the respect of cattle industry leaders.

He said he had enjoyed being involved with some of the world’s best cattle producers such as Angus, which has had a huge influence on his business.

“It’s great that the company that I’m supporting is one that I think is making the best use of the opportunity and the talent that we have in Australia,” he explained.

“There’s no question Angus is doing a phenomenal job of making sure the cattle that we feed to our sheep and cows are as good and as healthy as they can be.”

Mr O’Donnell said he would have been a huge fan of cattle farming if he could have been more involved with it.

“You’re in this business and you get to be an outsider,” he told the ABC, adding that Mr Pinto was not only a great businessman, but a great goat promoter.

“If I could have done more, I would have.”

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