Bank promotional offers are starting to get a bit more popular these days, and some banks are starting a push to get customers to take advantage of the promotions, especially if they are already in a bank account. 

While it may be tempting to just take the free trials, many people are starting with a limited amount of money to start. 

And there are some big incentives at play when it comes to the bank promotions. 

If you’ve already started with a bank promotional account, you may get a free trial at any time. 

For instance, the Banks of America and The Chase Bank have a free credit check for first-time users. 

You can get up to a $25 credit check in the form of a prepaid debit card. 

Another promotion is a free bank account bonus. 

This is a $50 credit bonus that can be used towards any eligible account at the Chase, the U.S. Department of Justice, and any other US-based bank that you have a Chase Chase Chase® or UBS® checking account with. 

A bank can also offer free trial offers if they have a bank promo card, so long as you are a new customer and can’t currently access a bank’s promotional offer. 

But if you are already an existing Chase or UBS account holder, it may make sense to sign up for a bank promotion that offers a free account bonus that is applied to any eligible checking account, with no minimum balance required. 

Here are some other free banking promotional offers that may be of interest to you: If your bank offers a bank credit check, you can get one free check on any eligible credit card account with a balance of at least $250. 

The credit check is also a cash deposit, so there is no fee to sign it up. 

(Note: if you’re a Chase cardholder and want to add this to your bank account, just pay the $25 minimum balance and use your Chase credit card.) 

(Read more: Free credit check from Chase can be as easy as signing up for it) Bank promotions offer bonuses for the following: Credit checks are not required to be accepted on all accounts at the same bank. 

Bills that have a minimum balance of $250 or more are excluded from the bank promo bonuses. 

Free accounts that have no minimum balances are excluded. 

It is not necessary to pay your monthly fees on the first $5,000 you spend. 

As with all other bank promotional offers, you must make a minimum monthly payment of at most $10. 

These are not always available to Chase cards, but the bank will not be required to charge you a balance fee for this. 

To find out how to apply for a free checking account bonus, click here. 

Check your balance often. 

Before you can use a bank bonus to get free trials with a credit card, you’ll have to have your balance regularly checked. 

Most banks will offer free checking accounts with a minimum minimum balance to check your balance and you can earn rewards on your checking balance with a Chase credit account or U.S.-based bank.

Bank promotional offers and promotional bonuses can be accessed from any Chase, UBS, or other US bank account with your checking account.

The Chase Chase promo offers are: First $25 for new accounts for one year. 

Second $50 for new and existing checking accounts for a year.

Second $250 for new or existing checking and savings accounts for three years. 

First credit check on eligible checking balances of at $250 or less. 

Next credit check after the first. 

More information: The U.K.-based Bank of England has the following promo offers, as well: Bets on eligible deposits of up to £5,500 with the first deposit of £1,000 or more on an eligible bank savings account.

First free check in four years on a balance less than £1 million. 

Cash deposit of up: £50 on a minimum deposit of £1,500. 

Monthly fee: £10.**For a limited time, Chase Chase will give you an opportunity to win $100 off your first $10,000 in rewards with the purchase of a new Chase checking account and you must have a new and current Chase Chase credit or savings account at time of entry.

The Chase card must be used to make the purchase.

The UBS and the Bank of Japan offer similar promotions, with the Bank also offering a bonus if you already have a UBS checking account or if you use your UBS debit card at the time of opening. 

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