Banks have been bailed out by the Government for more than three decades, but now they are being pushed into a corner by their own regulators, the Financial Conduct Authority.

The agency is now scrutinising Chase’s marketing of its Chase Sapphire Reserve card and a new card that comes with a bonus for using a Chase bank account.

The two cards were unveiled at the Chase Sapphire Summit, which attracted the likes of the former chief executive, Richard Trumka, as well as prominent figures from the banking industry, including former chief financial officer Michael Dell.

The Chase Sapphire is a “cash back” card that has been in the pipeline since February 2017, when the bank first announced the card.

It gives a 50% cash back credit to customers on top of a standard credit card’s balance, which is capped at $2,500.

The card has the ability to be redeemed for cash up to the amount of the balance.

It has the same “chase” logo as the Chase Ultimate Rewards card, which has been used in the UK since March 2017, but its new promotional image has been updated to resemble Chase’s Chase Sapphire Preferred card.

The cards are the latest in a string of bank promotions designed to help drive consumer spending.

In March 2017 Chase unveiled a promotional offer of 50% off on any purchases with a new debit card, including flights, hotels, and car rentals.

The company’s CEO, Mark Johnson, said at the time the card would be a “key element” in the bank’s future growth.

The promotional offer was rolled out across the US and the UK and was widely praised, with consumers taking to social media to praise the deal.

The same promotional offer has been rolled out to a number of other major US banks, including American Express, Bank of America, Chase, and Wells Fargo.

“Our loyalty card program is one of the best we have seen in the industry,” said Johnson.

“It’s going to help make the banking system more accessible to our customers.”

But now Chase is being asked to take a harder look at the promotions it has made.

“We have been told by the FCA that the marketing campaign is misleading and has no place in a credit card,” said a spokesman for Chase, who declined to comment further.

“Chase Sapphire Reserve is a credit cards benefit card.

This is not a debit card.”

The spokesman also said that Chase’s promotional offer for Chase Sapphire cards will remain valid for “all future promotional cards that are introduced”.

He added that the FCA had been informed about the changes, and the agency is “reviewing the promotional offer”.

The FCA has a role in overseeing bank promotions that promote the bank, and has been criticised for being too soft on banks in recent years.

In December 2016, it asked the Bank of England to review its rules on promotions because of “increasing pressure on banks to promote their services”.

A year later, it was criticised for trying to make a decision about a promotional card without consulting the regulator.

In April 2018, it published a report that found banks are increasingly being pressured to promote credit cards and products, which it said could harm consumers.

“As the FCO has a responsibility to protect the public and the banks, it has been asking regulators to take into account how promotional promotions may be damaging to customers and the banking sector,” said the report.

“The FCA is working with the regulator to understand what it means for promotional offers and whether they are necessary.”

A spokesperson for the FCEA told Business Insider that the bank has been “making the right calls” on promotional promotions, including in the past.

Chase has had its own controversies over promotional promotions in the last few years, which have been highlighted in a series of videos posted by its fans. “

There is no place for a promotion in a Chase Sapphire card without being part of our promotional offering,” the spokesperson added.

Chase has had its own controversies over promotional promotions in the last few years, which have been highlighted in a series of videos posted by its fans.

In February 2018, the FCC began investigating a promotional campaign that targeted customers with negative reviews of the bank and its products.

In July 2018, two Chase marketing employees were suspended for allegedly sending messages to customers with offensive racist and sexist content.

The latest allegations are similar to the one published by the BBC earlier this year, when a British woman accused a bank of selling a promotional deal on the Sapphire card that would let her “buy a car for £2,000 and pay £2 million for it”.

The promotional deal is “the first in the brand that is not part of Chase’s loyalty program”, the woman said.

Chase’s new marketing campaign for the Sapphire Sapphire Reserve, which comes with the card’s bonus, was unveiled on Tuesday, as part of a push by the bank to boost its loyalty program and boost the cardholders’ ability to pay.

The promotion also features the logo of the Bank Of England, which was previously