The hotel market has been undergoing a renaissance in the past two years, with more than 50 new hotels opening in the last year.

But for international travelers, the selection of hotels has been far from the best.

Here are some of the best international hotels in India.1.

Vadodara Hotel, Vadodi, MaharashtraA popular hotel in the western suburbs of Mumbai, VADODARARA HALL is one of the more attractive and modern hotels in Mumbai.

It offers a superb views from the hotel’s balconies, which offer breathtaking views of the city.2.

Hotel Kalki, Kalku, MaharashtraThe most famous and expensive hotel in Kalkus village is the Kalkis Hotel.

It is located near the city center and is famous for its terrace and outdoor terraces.3.

Haridwar Hotel, Haridwadi, KarnatakaThe Haridwal Hotel in Haridwangad village in Karnataka is an attractive hotel, with terrace, balcony and outdoor views.4.

Marun Hotel, PuducherryThe Marun Resort, which is located in Pudupati area of Chennai is one the most luxurious hotels in the state of Tamil Nadu.

It features a private terrace that is situated just outside the hotel.5.

Mumbai’s most expensive hotel, Mumbai’s Grand, has a stunning terrace overlooking the harbour.

The hotel also features an outdoor terrace.6.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Hotel, Bhadrapati, MaharashtraIf you want a luxurious hotel, you will want to check out the Chhatras Shivaji hotel in Chhatra district in the Maharashtra state of Andhra Pradesh.

The Chhatros is an upscale hotel that is located at the heart of Mumbai’s Chhatral area.7.

Mumbai Marina, Marina Beach, MumbaiOne of the most popular tourist attractions in Mumbai is the Marina Beach.

The Marina Beach is located on Marina Bay, which provides spectacular views of Mumbai.8.

Dubai Hotel, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesThe Dubai Hotel is a luxury hotel that features the latest amenities.

The luxurious hotel also offers a large terrace in the middle of the hotel and outdoor pool.9.

Dubai Marina, DubaiThe Dubai Marina Hotel is the most expensive in Dubai, with a price tag of around US$2.5 million.10.

Mumbai Hotel, Mira Road, MumbaiThe Mumbai Hotel is one a popular tourist attraction in Mumbai, with an impressive terrace with spectacular views.

It has two indoor pools.11.

Mumbai Hilton, Mirai Road, MaharashtraIt is one in a series of five luxury hotels in Mirai town in Maharashtra.

The Mirai Hotel is located next to the famous Bhuvneshwar Temple in Mira Town.12.

Mumbai Maran Hotel, Muharram, MaharashtraThis is the biggest luxury hotel in Mumbai and the hotel has a terrace right next to its hotel.

The Maran is one on the outskirts of Mumbai and is one among the best hotel in Maharashtra and the largest hotel in India, with views over the city and sea.13.

Mumbai Beach Club, Mughal Park, MumbaiThis is Mumbai’s finest resort and has a large outdoor pool on the terrace on the ground floor.14.

Dubai’s best luxury hotel, Dubai’s Grand is located right in the heart in Dubai.

The luxury hotel is situated at the end of a large avenue and offers a terracotta-inspired roof terrace surrounded by a terraced lawn.15.

Mughals Hotel, Bhiwani, Maharashtra The Mughala Hotel is Mumbais largest luxury hotel and the tallest in Mumbai’s Mumbai Town area.

The building is the second-tallest building in the city after the Taj Mahal.16.

Dubai Beach Club Resort, Dubai Dubai Beach is a resort located on Dubai beach in the Gulf of Oman.

The beach is a popular resort in Dubai and it has its own hotel and restaurant.17.

The Grand Hyatt, Dubai A grand hotel, the Grand Hyad in Dubai is one part of the Grand Hotel complex, the Dubai hotel chain.

The Hotel is also the largest in the world.18.

Hotel Mumbai, Mumbai Hotel Mumbai is a well-known luxury hotel with a spectacular terrace which is surrounded by balconies and terraces in the building.19.

The Marriott, Bombay The Hotel Mumbai in Mumbai has a spectacular waterfront hotel.20.

The Maldives, The Maldivans, The country’s most popular vacation destination, has three luxurious hotels: the Maldives Resort, Maldives Palace and Maldives Beach Club.

The Maldives is one place that offers all of the amenities that a resort or resort-hotel should have, including a terracing, a pool and indoor swimming pool.21.

The Taj Mahals, The Taj Mak, The Palace, The Grand, The Marriott and The Maldias are all three luxury hotels located in the Indian